Macy’s will end business relationship with Donald Trump

Published On July 2, 2015 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News

The mass exodus from the Miss USA pageant continues, because of what DONALD TRUMP said about Mexicans . . .


Flo Rida canceled his scheduled performance, as did singer Natalie La Rose and “Voice” winner Craig Wayne Boyd.  Emmitt Smith is backing out as a judge . . . and another judge, Jonathan Scott from HGTV’s “Property Brothers” is also bailing.


Meanwhile, Trump . . . the self-proclaimed “greatest jobs president that God has ever created” . . . continues to lose his OWN jobs.


Macy’s is the latest company to fire him.  They dropped his menswear line . . . saying they have, quote, “no tolerance for discrimination.”


Trump shot back, claiming HE was the one who pulled the plug.

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