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Listen to CoOL FM Mornings with Tymo Monday thru Friday from 5:30-10am



FINALLY!! Spring has Sprung! I have been looking forward to this SO much as I am sure you have as well. My wife and I are still sorta new to the area and really want to get outside and explore where we live…get to know the area and YOU! The people that we share South Western Ontario with but have been cooped up the last few months with the cold and snow. Well…THAT is a thing of the past now and time to (as my Mom said to me SO many times) GO Out and Play!!

We really like to be by or IN water *see pic…yes that is me in my fins and mask! We love to find ourselves a swimmin’ hole to go cool off from the HEAT that is coming…so if you know a place we should check out fire an email my way and let me know where it is! And trust me…if it is a secret swimmin’ hole of yours…we are very good at keeping secrets!

Not just going for a swim tho…we love taking walks in the sun…going for hikes…checking out new things and places to see so if you have some suggestions as to where we should go and check out…again…send me an email!


All you have to do is tune in…chime in when you have something to say…call me out when you spot something…and just enjoy this ride we take together each morning from 5:30-10am! In the meantime…get some sleep…5:30 comes early! Call me! 1-844-944 COOL (2665)


Every day just before 6am Tymo plays The GAME! Your chance to win tickets to shows, gift cards, and of course bragging rights for beating him at his own game! In case you missed it, here is the latest question!

For the Game… When the cops catch thieves that broke into houses…they asked them what ELSE they did in the houses other than rob us… 1/3 said that they do THIS!! FYI…it was…look through our...

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Added a new game to play this morning…called it… Did a Celebrity say it…or a 3 year old? Click HERE to see how you would have made out… ~Tymo...

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How would you have done here?

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NEW game for the Game this morning…you have to finish  the TV/Movie/commercial lines…2 out of 3 and you win! Click HERE to play the game… ~Tymo...

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The question… 30% of you will have THIS fight with your neighbours once a week. These fights happen on the same day…and are about the the same thing! What are you all fighting about?? Click...

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  1. Andy Chase says:

    This show is THE show to listen to, at long last! There was another down the FM dial, but the DJ took his show and began to generously laden it in sexual content, jokes, and comments like his audience was puberty driven 14 year old boys. We all stopped listening to it at our factory, and, surprise, that station went down. He was gone and they are still searching for a format. Please, keep your show reasonably clean. There are many of us in my factory who tune your station on all day. We love the music, your show person, and local news blurbs. Thanks. As a side note, prepare for 100% humidity summers, and you are in the lions den of drivers. Just remember to drive ‘expecting’ that car will cut you off, and that 4 – way stops are the most dangerous places on earth, and everyone drives idiotically, and you’ll be fine.

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