The Bachelor’s Shocking Finale

Published On March 6, 2018 | By Kendal Malewicz | Entertainment News


“Bachelor” Finale: Arie Proposed . . . Then Dumped His Fiancée for the Runner-Up

Usually, “The Bachelor” at least waits until the finale is over before he breaks up with his fiancée. But no this season. On final episode last night, Arie Luyundek Jr. proposed to Becca Kufrin.  This is NOT where things ended.

They started showing Arie and Becca having secret rondevoux after the show wrapped, spending quality time together and enjoying their new relationship.

But Arie really WASN’T enjoying it, because he couldn’t get his mind off runner-up Lauren Burnham. Finally, he decided he had to make the switch.  He told the cameras, quote, “I really feel like I made a mistake.  I’ve had a change of heart.”

So Becca was called to a house in Los Angeles, where she THOUGHT she was going to spend a romantic weekend with Arie.  Instead, he dropped the bomb. NO EDITING. LIVE IN REAL TIME. Her reaction?  Quote, “Are you [effing] kidding me?”

After the breakup footage aired, Becca came out in front of the live audience and told host Chris Harrison they haven’t spoken since.  That’ll probably change TONIGHT on the live After the Finale Rose” special.

Is Arie now the franchise’s biggest villain?

That should not have been on camera. Of course it was great for the show but for the sake of the human people who are supposedly taking part in the show, it should not have been on camera. It made us want to throw up .
It feels a little dirty. There’s something about taking an hour to completely wring a woman’s emotions out on national television with dual-camera, unedited feed of what happened in real time.
It all played out like a slow-speed car wreck — just a slow montage of walking around and crying.
Gross. Just Gross.
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