Swearing on the air with YOUR code words!

Published On April 12, 2018 | By Tymo | Mornings

Are you creative? Let’s see…think of the words you use with your kids around…
I have the ‘code word’ that I use when I talk about a couple and what they do between the sheets some nights…that code is ‘making spaghetti’. If I bring up this on air…you KNOW what I mean! 
So…let’s come up with ‘code words’ for the REST of the words I cannot use on the air.
1. rhymes with DUCK. 2. smells bad…this is found in a toilet 3. kinda like #2…but this has DIP in front of it. Used to describe an idiot in grand proportions. 4. A donkey combined with an indentation in the ground.

You did NOT disappoint! There are some suggestions here you could use at work…or ’round your kids!

Click here for some…

And maybe the best one yet!!

Click here for that!

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