What would you do??!

Published On June 13, 2018 | By Tymo | Mornings

A friend of mine…single Dad…has his kid in soccer. So he has gotten to know all the other soccer parents of the kids on the team. One soccer Mom (who is married…and my pal knows her hubby and who has on occasion flirted with my friend) sent this guy a…let’s say a racy pic. The pic was for SURE meant for him…the text that came with it had HIS name in it. Now my pal does not know what to do? Go tell her hubby? Go talk to her and say stop? *He is not interested in her…
Or…just let it go and move on in life? Hope she takes the hint and stops?
Your advice?

Click here to listen to that advice…

And here too!

So? What would you do??


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