I Asked You…Can You Top THIS?? Seems You Could!!

By: Dave Tymo


Mornings with Tymo

I SWEAR I saw this on the side of the road this morning…and I KNOW what I saw!! It is 4am…driving in…I have LED headlites so I can see really well…up the road I see movement on the side and I know it is an animal of some sort…so I slow down in case it runs out. As I get closer my EYES say…that is a peacock!! My brain is like…no way dude…but it was!! My lites lit up the tail feathers and yes…it was a peacock!! Are they native to the area??
So?? Can you top that? Strange things you saw on the side of the road?

Yup…you can…

Click HERE for the 1st story topper…

And HERE for the BEST one!!

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